Aurora Bedroom Sets

Aurora Bedroom Sets:

Bed Miriam:

  • Bed with upholstered with eco-leather, Swarovski crystal with storage box:
    • L.220 W.200 H.132
    • L.253 W.210 H.132
    • L.20 W.213 H.132
    • L.253 W.213 H.132

Bed Aurora:

  • Bed with mother-of-pearl upholstered headboard in eco-leather with button and shaped wooden footboard
    • L.188 W.201 H.146
    • L.208 W.211 H.146
    • L.188 W.214 H.146
    • L.208 W.214 H.146
  • Drawer
    • Wardrobe 2 Sliding Doors L.277,5 W.70 H.250
    • Chest of drawer L.140 W.52 H.94
    • Mirror for checst of drawer L.106 W.25 H.85
    • Side bed table L.61 W.42 H.54
  • Chair
    • Chair L.55 W.50 H.104,5
    • Bench L.103 W.40 H.40

All size, Fabric and finishing are fully customizable.